Mystery, Ken

In the beginning, there was only a chaotic, heaving sea. Everything was mixed together, and in the center an egg appeared. From the egg fell out the first one. The first one created two children. Time started to turn. Space started to expand. It also bore from its own body three mortal lives. The two children prayed and the thing called matter was born. The three lives prayed and the thing called spirit was born. As the world had been created, the first one went to sleep. In a month or so, this legend might make sense to you all (after I explain it). :p

Mystery of the Lakes – The release date for Mystery of the Lakes, the second Diamond and Pearl TCG set, is March 2nd in Japan. We will, of course, bring you information on the set as it is released.

New D/P Sugimori Artwork – The [Ken Sugimori Pokemon] page has been updated with new Diamond and Pearl Pokemon artwork, including Glacia, Leafia, Megayanma, Heatran, and a few other Pokemon. Check it out!

Dialga vs. PalkiaNew Pokemon in 10th Movie – According to, Dialga vs. Palkia, the next Pokemon movie, will also feature a Diamond and Pearl event-only legendary Pokemon (which are either Sheimi, Arseus, or Darkrai). The Pokemon will be revealed in next month’s issue of CoroCoro on February 15th. If you read the Diamond and Pearl in-game legend that is posted above, understand it, and the legend turns out to be true, you may already know who the Pokemon is (I know who the legend refers to, but the legend relating to the movie is another story).