Finals week is finally over. I had absolutely no time to update this past week because two of my classes (math and Spanish) were hanging by a thread, and if I did not study, they would drop to the next lowest letter grade come finals day. I literally had 18-21 hour days trying to fit in the time to study, and I was not expecting to save either class (potentially my college eligibility as well). Miraculously, to everyone’s surprise (both teacher and my own), I somehow impossibly kept both grades – they even went up (in terms of percentage, but not letter)! I went downhill after the car crash I was in earlier this school year, since I fell behind in my classes and was out for a week, so this was the worst semester of my life (I was actually getting C’s!). But now, it’s a new semester with a new start and new opportunities to do well, and hopefully, the colleges will see me improve next semester and will understand what happened! Anyways, enough about myself and school – I will go back to my regular updating schedule for now, since the stress is off, and I hope you guys know why I did not have the time to update this past week!

New Episode (and it works!) – If you missed The Unbeatable Lightness Of Seeing on Cartoon Network yesterday, you can watch it by clicking the picture below (it will be removed within the next few days). You will need Windows Media Player to watch the video (and I am sure most of you have it). Next week, the new episode, Pinch Healing, will air at 9:30 AM on Cartoon Network, so be sure to watch it!

[Image No Longer Available]

EX Power Keepers – Saturday! – The new set, possibly featuring a majority of reprinted cards, will have its first pre-releases this Saturday, February 3rd. To find a pre-release location near you, click here, and to find our more information about the pre-releases, click here. Hopefully, we will have scans available for everyone’s viewing on Saturday (if not, then hopefully before :p).