EDIT #2:Yay! I was accepted to one of my back-up colleges, University of California, Riverside (this is my first college acceptance so far, and it’s early). I want to go to either UCLA or UCI, but this is good news for now! *imagines updating from college, if the world isn’t blown up by then* :D

EDIT:There is a 99% chance that I have too much homework tonight and will not get to update again until tomorrow night (1% chance that a castle in the sky fires electricity at Earth and no one makes it to Friday).

There is a 99.2% chance more EX Power Keepers scans will grace this site tomorrow (0.8% chance that Lrrr and Ndnd of Omicron Persei VIII attack Earth and no one makes it to tomorrow).

60+ EX Power Keepers Scans, Full Set List – We now have over sixty exclusive EX Power Keepers scans, with more coming tomorrow! The full set list is also now available! You can view both the scans and set list by [clicking here]. Steven’s Advice makes its triumphant return to the modified format (maybe even Energy Draw Delcatty)! Note: The energy types on the set list may have some errors since (a) not all the scans are available yet, and (b), it’s 10 PM and I have Bio, English, and Spanish homework to do still, since I just came home from after school classes and eating, and did not have time to triple-check the list. Check back again tomorrow for more scans and information!

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