PK Meiji

I fell asleep a few hours after coming home from school yesterday, and just woke up now, so sorry for not putting more scans up yesterday. Sleep > School > Pokemon. :p Also, the Valentine’s day banner is now up! If you do not see the new background and/or the Squirtle and Luvdisc, clear your cache and refresh! Cascade_Gon_Pory drew the two Pokemon in the corner, and he did an awesome job with them! The new episode airing today on Cartoon Network will also either be put up here tonight or tomorrow, so if you miss it, be sure to check back here!

100 EX Power Keepers Scans – More EX Power Keepers scans, yet again! To view the complete set list and most of the scans, [click here]! If you can supply scans after your pre-releases today (after you receive your Cacturne pre-release card), please scan them at 300 DPI in JPG format, and send them to [email protected]. When you go to your pre-releases and people ask you how you know so much about this set, be sure to tell them where you learned it. :p

New Meji Promos – Meiji Promo Set No. 6 will be out in Japan on February 20th, and will contain twelve reprinted [Pokemon Card Game: DP] cards, but with alternate artwork. You can view the card packaging by clicking here.