35 PK Scans

There is a 96.1% chance that more EX Power Keepers scans will appear on this site every day until the pre-releases (3.9% chance that the world blows up tomorrow and no one sees any more).

35+ EX Power Keepers Scans – Click the thumbnails below to view our exclusive scans! When the gallery viewer opens, you can hover to the left or right of the image and click to scroll through the rest of the scans. Reprinted cards thus far include Blaziken, Machamp, Slaking, Lanturn, Magneton, Nintetales, Omastar, Wobbuffet, Combusken, which are sure to give rise to old decks and old strategies. Other cards in the set include Vaporeon * and Jolteon *. The rest of the cards raise a few questions. Who created them, the American exclusive cards? Could it have been PUSA/POP, such as when Dark Raichu was created by Wizards of the Coast, or Pokemon Card Laboratory (PCL), the creators of the Japanese cards and most cards we know today? I think you may find some hints on the actual cards based on the diction used and several of the sentence structures, as well as the excessive use of Ken Sugimori artwork. Keep checking back for more scans within the next few days!

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