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EDIT #1:Added two new translations and pictures of Dialga and Palkia to the [Pokemon Card Game: Diamond and Pearl page]. Also added the “Official Websites Updated” news story below (the last article).

Sorry for not updating since Saturday – school is taking over, as usual. Plus, I have an AP Bio test tomorrow on the circulatory, digestive, and respiratory systems. Anytime I have a Bio test, updates are sure to be slower than usual.

Jungle Scans Added – Shakespeare has scanned and edited Jungle, and you can now view the scans by [clicking here]. We have also made the decision that from now on, we are just going to put up the scans after they have been edited by Shakespeare, and I will not edit them until later on. In the past, Shakespeare has just scanned the cards and I have edited them, but since he is now learning how to edit, the scans come to me mostly done. Recently, he has edited them to the best of his ability, then, because I am a paranoid perfectionist, I have spent several minutes on each scan taking off smudges, adjusting the coloring, cropping them better etc. But since I am sure you all would rather just see the scans first, we are just going to throw them up from now on, and then further edit them later on to make them perfect. This way, we can get sets up faster. Tomorrow (maybe), we will (maybe) have Fossil (maybe). Maybe. The day after we might have Team Rocket.

New Diamond and Pearl TranslationsVincent has translated four cards from the Diamond and Pearl set, including Magnemite, Sneasel, Heracross, and Dustox. You can view them on our [Pokemon Card Game: Diamond and Pearl] page. We have also now confirmed for sure (since there seems to be confusion among people) that for the Diamond and Pearl cards, the weakness damage indicated on each individual Pokemon card is the only extra damage applied to an attack (you don’t double the damage, then add the extra damage – you only add the extra damage). For example, Heracross’ weakness is Fire for 20 extra damage. If a Growlithe attacks Heracross for 10 damage, he takes 30. If a Moltres attacks Heracross for 200 damage, he takes 220 damage, whereas previously, Heracross would have taken 400. Since this means less damage to a Pokemon with a weakness, battles are sure to last longer and Pokemon are most likely going to be out on the field longer than ever before (more than 1-2 turns as it has been recently, since most of them get knocked out so quickly you barely get to use them). This also will allow everyone to get out those new Pokemon lv.X easier without your previous stages getting knocked out instantly, since Pokemon lv. X, in a way, can be considered the third stage of a Pokemon (basic being Naetle, first Hayashigame, second Dotaitos, and third Dotaitos lv.X). The game is for sure going to change…

Official Websites Updated – The official Pokemon Yahoo Kids website has been updated with several new pages containing a lot of Ken Sugimori artwork. The official Pokemon Battle Revolution website has also been updated with more videos and images as well. Click the links below to view the pages.