Carddex, Base Set

EDIT #1:For those of you who want to hear Veronica Taylor, Ash’s original voice actor, check out the anime movie Grave of the Fireflies tonight at 7 PM on Turner Classic Movies. She plays the mother in the movie, and the movie itself is pretty good (it’s about World War II and two children who have to live through it – it’s done by Studio Ghibli, the same company that animated Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, etc.).

I am so tired… I spent all day working on the following two site updates. I need water and someone to knock into my head that I should be doing schoolwork instead of Pokemon. :p

Modified Carddex Revamped – Geeez! This took so long to do! I watched My Neighbor Totoro twice on DVD, Freaky Friday once (on Disney Channel), and Jirachi Wishmaker (on Cartoon Network) while doing just this. Anyways, the Modified Carddex has been re-done, including new search features, EX Dragon Frontiers, and fixed card names. When you go to the Carddex, be sure to check out the left pullout menu, as that will help you organize the cards better when you want to look for something. If you have any suggestions or spot any errors, please post in this thread! Also, the Carddex is now at an easier-to-access address, which is You can check out the Modified Format Carddex by [clicking here]!

Base Set Scans Finished – And we are only eight years late! Thanks to Shakespeare, who scanned the cards, we now have all 1st Edition Base Set shadowless (ultra rare and expensive) (can I throw in any more adjectives?) scans, including the red cheek Pikachu. Check out the nostalgic cards by [clicking here]! Expect Jungle or EX Legend Maker next!