EDIT #2:For those of you on the west coast, Jirachi Wishmaker just started (at 5:00 PM) on Cartoon Network.

EDIT #1: Tonight at 6:00 PM on Cartoon Network will be two new episodes of Pokemon. Right now, there is a Pokemon marathon going on as well, featuring recent Battle Frontier episodes. Be sure to tune in to Cartoon Network!

I will add to this update later. Thank goodness I get today off!

New PCG: DP Images – I have added a new Lucario and Riolu card to our [Pokemon Card Game: Diamond and Pearl page]. The cards appear to be the same ones as the entry packs, but with different art. Also, the set will be coming out in twenty days, so we will have all of the translations by then!

Old Japanese Revelation Lugia Trailer – I came across this on YouTube several weeks ago, but forgot to post about it. It’s one of the first trailers for “Revelation Lugia” (or Pokemon 2000). Pretty cool!