Scans, Sug

EDIT #1:This web page has some new and high-resolution screenshots of Pokemon Battle Revolution.

Tomorrow in English, we get to do yoga, instead of Oedipus Rex / Blood Wedding / Doll House (they are plays we have been reading). :D Anyone else have an English teacher who understands the stress students have to go through?

Dark Blastoise from Team RocketFossil and Team Rocket Scans Up – ‘Nuff said. Shakespeare scanned them, me gotted them. Check out [Fossil] and [Team Rocket]. And since I will most likely be stress-free tomorrow (from the yoga), we might have both Gym sets up as well. Maybe – can’t guarantee it – who knows what will happen? The world could blow up tomorrow and the scans with them, therefore, I cannot say for 100% that there will be scans here tomorrow. So yeah. :p

Ken Sugimori Pokemon Images – The [Ken Sugimori gallery] has been updated with the recently released Pokemon images that we posted the other day. Check them out!