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Nearly 90 EX Dragon Frontiers Scans – Thanks to our forum mods Alchemist_Almighty and DocRobot, we now have nearly 90 scans from EX Dragon Frontiers – before the set has even had its pre-releases! You can view the scans and the set list by [clicking here]. Do not look if you don’t want to get spoiled. If you do not see the links to the cards, clear your cache. To discuss EX Dragon Frontiers, post in and read this thread.

Pokemon Card Game DP: News & Images – Today we learned of the new game mechanics in the next set, and saw images of several of the new cards. We also learned of the new Pokemon LV. X, which seem to be the new Pokemon-ex replacements. You can view all the information we learned today and see all of the new card images by visiting our [Pokemon Card Game: Diamond and Pearl] page. To discuss PCG: DP, check out this thread.

City Championship Promo – DrewCardUniverse has informed us that the promo for the City Championships will be Squirtle from EX Crystal Guardians, which he saw on a poster advertising the tournaments. This most likely means that subsequent tournaments will feature Wartortle and Blastoise from EX Crystal Guardians as well, which are Delta Species Pokemon. We will keep you informed on this.