Pochama Evo

Wow, three updates in one day! Good thing about getting into a car accident and having to stay home for two days – constant updates on Diamond and Pearl, and right before they are released! You can be sure that any news will be here as soon as it appears on the internet, especially since we have had every new piece of Diamond and Pearl information revealed today here before anyone else! Also, please read the previous two updates if you have not been here today. Keep checking back for constant updates!

Pochama’s Evolution? – This image just appeared on the internet, and we are unsure of its origin. It may be real considering how realistic the image looks, but then again, there is always the possibility that it is fake, so do not believe it for sure yet. There are some talented fakers our there, although I do not know why they would fake a new Pokemon so close to the release date. If there are any developments on this (possible) new Pokemon, we’ll post them immediately! The first image is the original image, and the second one is a sharpened and color-adjusted picture.

Pochama Evolution?Pochama Evolution?