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EDIT #1: Added Pearl demo screenshots.

We have some exclusive Diamond and Pearl information right now that you will not see anywhere else. Bangiras will also be receiving the games soon, and when she does, she will be sending us all the information she finds! Also, if you have not been here today, please read the previous update to see a new Pokemon!

Information – The following information includes new attacks and numbers of several Pokemon.Roselia Shiny by Ken Sugimori

  • Lucario is #116.
  • Roselia is #26.
  • Rozureido is #27.
  • Bonsly is #92 (Sudowoodo #93?).
  • Lucario learns Ripple and First Place.
  • Bonsly learns Copy, like Mime Jr.
  • Pachirisu learns Spark, Swift, Charm, and Endure.
  • Munchlax gets Lick, Screech, and Recycle as new moves.
  • Perap learns Peck, Fury Attack, Growl, and Sing.
  • Cherimu learns Sunny Day, Magical Leaf, Petal Dance, and Helping Hand.
  • Rozureido’s stats: 60/70/55/90/136/105, with 324/236/188/251/373/309 at level 100 (with a neutral nature – HP / Attack / Defense / Speed / Special Attack / Special Defense).

Pearl Demo Pictures – These images have no common origin, but I decided to put them up anyway. Click the links for the pictures. If anyone knows who took these pictures, please e-mail me so I can provide credit.

Pearl Demo Pic #1
Pearl Demo Pic #2
Pearl Demo Pic #3
Pearl Demo Pic #4
Pearl Demo Pic #5
Pearl Demo Pic #6
Pearl Demo Pic #7