New Pokemon

EDIT #1: Bangiras has translated new information, which can be seen below the scan.

Sorry for not updating yesterday. I was in a car accident with a friend who was taking me home from a Debate tournament, and the firemen made me go to the hospital via an ambulance (fun). I will update the site with clips from the Mastermind re-dub, as well as the new episode that aired over the weekend, either today or tomorrow. Also, wear seatbelts – they save your life, especially when someone driving 70 mph rams in to you and sends your car spinning four times into the middle of a busy intersection. ;)

One New Pokemon, Two New Names – And once again, we reveal a new Pokemon before anyone else, this time thanks to LilLatias. Vincent has translated the names as Nyaruma (the blue springy cat) and Mimiroru (the brown fluffy thing). The image is most likely real, since the style of the magazine page seems to be typical of previous scans we have seen (although you never know). Not to mention, the drawings of the two Pokemon look like typical Ken Sugimori artwork. Click the thumbnail below for a larger image.

New Diamond and Pearl Pokemon, Nyaruma and Mimirou

  • Mimiroru is Normal-type.
  • It is the Rabbit Pokemon.
  • Its abilities are Runaway, and (not 100% sure on this name) Multiply.
  • Part of Mimiroru’s name stems from the word “ear,” and the other half cannot be deciphered because of the small size of the text.
  • Nyaruma is also Normal-type.
  • Its abilities are Own Tempo and Limber.