Worlds cov.

Unless there is some major news tomorrow, I don’t think I will be updating the site. I have to get through three summer books (Wuthering Heights, The Awakening, Catch-22) by August 31st, and I need to finish my first one tomorrow (don’t ever procrastinate… especially before the year even starts). So, yeah.

Pokemon TCG Worlds 2006Coverage of Worlds – Alright, so, we have this big tournament coming up called “Worlds,” and some people want me to cover it. How I will plan to cover the event I do not know yet. By default, I will be taking tons and tons of pictures (more than 2000 pounds), and I will be taking some video, but other than that, what else is there to cover? If there is internet at the hotel, which apparently there is, should I do live updates? I know that when most people do not go to an event, they post in forum threads asking “How is so-and-so doing?” so maybe I will try to take pictures of the match slips that are posted, and then upload them here immediately so that people can see a person’s record and how well they are currently doing. Other than the above, should I try to obtain an invisibility cloak, walk past the PUSA people guarding the Worlds tournament area, and write down what people are playing? Should I update people via our chat room, the forums, or telepathy? Should I try to unleash some psychic beast and control the entire event so that I can write about the entire thing before it happens? What else is there to do? If you want to make any suggestions, feel free to post in this forum thread.

New Card Review – Today’s INVALID CARD SHORTCODE features a Pokemon that steals the lives of people lost in mountains (how evil…). What is this Pokemon? Why it’s [Gengar from EX Legend Maker]! To comment on this card and its reviews, you may post in this thread.