Worlds site

Not much news right now. Hopefully there will be some by Worlds or at Worlds.

Worlds Mini Site – A new Worlds-dedicated website has just opened, containing information about the event (although nothing we don’t already know). Apparently, during the Worlds tournament, the website will be updated with “blog entries, photo galleries, video, and even more information that’s sure to knock you out!” So, if you want updates from Worlds, you will probably be able to receive them from this new website (although on Saturday and Sunday, since I most likely will not get into the tournament, I will probably do live updates on this site myself since there will be internet there). Stay tuned!

EDIT: New(?) Lugia Deck Box – I just noticed this new Lugia deck box after clicking the link to in the website above. I have never seen it before, so I am assuming it’s new. It looks pretty cool, and it’s done by everyone’s favorite card artist, Mitsuhiro Arita, at a cheap price of only $4.95! Click the thumbnail below for a larger image, or just check it out by clicking here.

Lugia TCG Deck Box