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EDIT #1: The Stage 2 form of Naetle has been floating around the net now. However, it is quite obvious that it is fake. This makes us doubt the authenticity of Aobasu now, since the Stage 2 form has been created in the same way as the Stage 1 Pokemon, meaning someone could have created both of these. However, someone could had just edited the Aobasu picture to create this second picture, as evident by the blurry “7” in the new Pokemon’s level, and the second “3” in Bouysel’s level (which could had been copied and pasted from the first three in its level in the original image). The new Pokemon also is much sharper than the rest of the picture, and has some blurry areas around where its sprite is, suggesting that someone could had copied and pasted it over the old Aobasu. Nothing is for sure now, but we will keep you updated on any new news on these two Pokemon (Fakemon?).

Please read the previous update if you have not been here recently.

New Pokemon: Aobasu – Yet another new Diamond and Pearl Pokemon has apparently been revealed, the 22nd to be precise! It appears to be the evolved form of Naetle, the Diamond and Pearl Grass starter. Both Bangiras and Vincent have translated its name as to being either “Green Lotus” or “Foliage Tortoise.” The image looks pretty legitimate, but we can’t know for sure if it is real. Click the thumbnail below for a larger image.

Diamond and Pearl Starter, Aobasu

New Card Review – I was supposed to post this on Saturday, but I did not get the chance to. Today’s INVALID CARD SHORTCODE features a Pokemon that foreshadows disaster when it appears. What is this Pokemon? Why it’s [Absol from EX Legend Maker]! To comment on this card and its reviews, you may post in this thread.

Site Stuff – I have added the link to the EX Crystal Guardians scans and set list to the drop-down menu, so you can now access the cards from there. Also, I want to point out to everyone the right menu’s “Upcoming Dates and Events” section. A lot of people seem to miss that section when they come here – it contains many release dates for items and many dates for events. I see so many questions on our own forums and other forums regarding the dates of items and events, when the dates are right there in the right menu. It’s a valuable tool, so use it! :p