Worlds Change thingy

We had downtime yesterday, and we had it again today. Unfortunately, I have no control over what is happening, as our webhost, Dreamhost, seems to be experiencing some problems. They should all be resolved soon, though. I have to do something tonight, so I am only posting two news stories today. Tomorrow, we will have more news and card reviews.

Second Update to “Worlds Invite-Only” Story – And now POP has released official word on what we have been talking about for the past few days! You can check out what they have to say in this PDF file. I have summarized and clarified what most of the information in the document means below.

Age Group Changes

During the 2006-07 season, you will stay in the same age group, no matter how much older you get. In previous years, if you turned 15 in the middle of a season, you were required to move up to the 15+ group. Not anymore! As of September, 2006, if you were:

  • Born in 1996 through 2006 (10-), then you are in the Junior Division.
  • Born in 1992 through 1995 (11-14), then you are in the Senior Division.
  • Born in 1900 through 1991, (15+), then you are in the Masters Division.

New Ranking System

  • A new ranking system is being implemented. The more points you get, the better your chances are of getting invited to Worlds. You can win or lose points through this new system, probably through winning and losing Pokemon battles.
  • The larger and more important a certain event is, the more points you can potentially receive from it. For example, if you win a City Championship that has about 100 players, versus a City Championship that has a 1000 players, you will get more points from winning the second championship, since there were more people participating.
  • Invites to the 2007 World Championships will be awarded to the top players at each country’s National Championships. Additional invites will be awarded based on a player’s Premier Rating. These invites will be awarded by continental ranking, rather than global ranking. This will create a more even spread of invites, and reward consistent play, rather than “I just walked into a tournament and won even though I never win anything else!” play. :p

Changes in Premiere Events

  • Gym Challenges are now gone.
  • Battle Road will be a new event, taking place in Spring this year and in both Spring and Fall in future seasons. It will be similar to City Championships. The purpose of the event is to increase your points for qualification into Worlds, and to win prizes of course!
  • City, Battle Road, State, Regional, and National Championships events will be premiere events that contribute to your ranking.

Worlds 2007 Changes

  • Approximately 64 people will be in each age group at Worlds.
  • There will be no Grinders (Last Chance Qualifier).

Complete POP 4 Set List – Thanks to BenLugia, we now have the complete set list for POP 4! Lookie below for it.

  1. Chimecho d
  2. Deoxys d
  3. Flygon
  4. Mew
  5. Sceptile
  6. Combusken
  7. Grovyle
  8. Heal Energy
  9. Pokemon Fan Club
  10. Scramble Energy
  11. Mudkip
  12. Pidgey
  13. Pikachu
  14. Squirtle
  15. Treecko d
  16. Wobbuffet
  17. Deoxys ex (Speed) (EX Emerald reprint – alternate art)