Sorry for not updating. I have been sick ever since Sunday when I got back from Worlds with reoccurring headaches, stomachaches, and a constant sore throat, even though I have not really been sick since the 6th grade, and have just not had the energy to update. I am pretty sure I got them from Worlds, too (stupid “must shake opponent hand” rule). :p Anyways, all I have left now is the soar throat, but I am sure it will go away eventually.

Jason Klaczynski’s Worlds Report – Jason, winner of Worlds in the 15+ division, has kindly sent us his Worlds report article for everyone to read! You can check out his article by [clicking here]!

Diamond and Pearl TCG Set Dates – New dates have been released for the Diamond and Pearl TCG set in Japan! The entry packs, which help new players learn the game, will be released on October 27th, while the actual booster packs and theme decks featuring the new starters will be released on November 30th! Stay tuned for more news on the set as we approach the release dates!

Update on “Worlds Invite-Only” Story – Professor Dave, one of the head honchos of POP, has confirmed that Nationals will be an open event, not invite-only. However, he did not comment on anything else in our original news story, which means some of it may have a ring of truth to it. We’ll see…

EX Crystal Guardians Apprentice Patch – Venusaur has completed the [EX Crystal Guardians patch] for [Apprentice]. He originally gave this to me before Worlds, but I forgot to put it in an update. Thanks Venusaur (aka 3rd place at Worlds this year)!

Layout Change Maybe? – Some people’s computers are not display the drop-down menu correctly, if at all, so I am thinking I will change the layout again. All I will do is take out the drop-down menu and add a left menu, kind of like before. To see a preview of what it will sort of look like, and to post comments, please view this forum thread. Suggestions are welcome and appreciated!