Dragon Frontiers

I think I injured my wrists from doing all of this painful summer reading. Today we have an exclusive tid-bit of news!

The Next EX Set Name – You probably will not see this name anywhere for quite some time – possibly November, since EX Crystal Guardians was just officially released the other day. The next Advanced Generation EX set to be released in America (and 99% likely the last, since Diamond and Pearl will probably be the next set) will be named EX Dragon Frontiers. The name most likely derives from the fact that all of the EXs in the set are Dragon Pokemon, with the “Frontiers” part referring to the “Furthest Ends” fragment of the Japanese set name, “The Furthest Ends of Offense and Defense.” Stay tuned to PokeBeach, as we will be your #1 source for this set!

New Nintendo DS Lites – And one of them matches those black iPods everyone has! On September 13th, Nintendo will be releasing two new colors – Onyx (Onix) and Coral Pink (Corsola), each retailing for $129.99. As of now, there is only one Nintendo DS Lite color, Polar White, but if you wait about half of a month more, you can snatch these new colored ones instead!

Nintendo DS Lites Coral Pink Onyx