EDIT #4: Yet again it my duty as Porygon to bring you the latest news straight from Comic-Con in San Diego, California!

PokeBeach Chat – First I’d like to mention that the new chat room has had a good amount of members lately, but we can always use more. Stop on by right here.

Plushies Galore – WPM reports that PUSA gave out a ton of goodie bags. He estimated the cost of the merchandise they gave out was around $30 per person. The bags were full of plushies and other random Pokemon objects. I sure am glad I missed the chance to go. Yay!

Lucario Movie Dub Notes/Changes – Expect semi-spoilers, I’ll keep the non-spoilery at the begining. Remember that this list is compiled completely from WPM’s memory, so not everything could be right/somethings are bound to be missing. WPM also insited I put in random notes he had about the movie, they don’t really mean anything other than his opinions. Feel free to enjoy…those.

  • Nothing cut or edited as far as visuals go.
  • Non-vocal Background music stayed intact.
  • Quiet scenes in the Japanese version had more talking in them, rather than just putting in extra BG music..
  • Whenever a person was talking over a Pokemon voice in the Japanese version, the dub had the Pokemon’s voice redone.
  • Most script edits were humor edits involving Team Rocket. Only a very few were otherwise.
  • Toned down a lot of the screaming, less realistic/serious. Pory Note: I think this is typical of Anime and the Dub of Pokemon personally.
  • Some scenes may be sped up from the orignal version, WPM is unsure.
  • Begging does not work. It was in full-screen, with panning. WPM says this helped to reduce important things cut out much better than previous Pokemon movies.
  • Grammar was a little off in a few scenes according to WPM.
  • Less emotional than the original in general, specifically with the Queen and the kid.
  • WPM thinks the Queen had a british accent. (??)
  • Opening sequence stayed the same as in the japanese version.
  • Opening battle scene changed to the current Pokemon theme song, extended version. The Puffy-Ami-Yumi song was taken out from this.
  • “Almost all the pokemon in the movie were voiced by Eric Stuart”, Weavile being one that WPM brings up.
  • Ending song was changed.
  • Ho-Oh’s voice was randomly taken out during a scene and replaced with Pidgeot’s voice.
  • The Regi’s voices were remixed, not redone says WPM. He also said they were less dramatic and “scary” as a result. This was one of his biggest problems with the dub.
  • Regice’s scene had the same voice, it’s beeping removed.
  • Direct mentions to the words like “death” and “dying”.
  • Aaron’s voice was too soft; Lucario’s voice was too grumpy. WPM thought Aaron and Lucario needed to be switched.
  • Lucario’s grunting sounds were removed from most of the scenes.
  • Lucario may have been voiced by Eric Stuart; Aaron might have been someone from Yu-Gi-Oh or Goku’s VA. WPM seemed very uncertain.
  • Mime Jr. never really said “Jr”, it just repeated “Mime”.
  • Mew’s talking in the dub was less than in the original version.
  • There was a weird echo in the end that hurt people’s ears that was not in the original Japanese version.
  • First half of the movie had more humor than in the orignal.

WPM also mentions that the Sarah Natochenny (Ash) and Bill Rodgers (Brock) were in the theatre watching the movie with everyone else. WPM was also surprised at the amount of people who apparently hadn’t seen the movie beforehand, since any true dedicated fan would have it memorized just as well if not better than he! Expect sound clips (not the entire movie, we wouldn’t want to get in any sort of trouble now) of the movie in a future update! WPM also tells me that he and a small group are following (stalking) the new VAs around; he might be able to squeeze a few more questions out of them. Stay tuned for more Comic-Con coverage!

EDIT #3: Wuz crackin’ fam’? Porygon‘s back to report an even more significant amount of news. Oh, where to start…

Roselia EvolutionClick. Make of it how you wish, I would’ve expected it to be more different, personally. (Thanks to and Wikipedia)

Lucario and the Mystery VAs -WPM is going to go to a screening of Lucario and the Mystery Mew at Comic-Con. According to him, he has seen the Japanese version enough time to notice any edits and will report them once he sees the movie. Wonder how good of a job he’ll do finding them. Before the screening, he’s going to have a chance to talk to some of the new voice actors who will also be attending the film along with other PUSA representatives, since he’s said they were eager to speak with him once they knew he were representing a Pokemon website. WPM says he will leave his mic on “accidentally” when speaking to them. Oh, WPM you sly fox, you. He also wanted me to mention that the new voice actors seemed very friendly and excited about their new positions. Also that the initial fan reaction to the redubbing was a positive one.

Pokemon’s Mysterious Special – After the movie, he will go to the Nintendo booth to check out the English version boxart of the Mystery Dungeon games. Not much to be expected from that, but there is a lot to expect from the new special issued by PUSA to promote the Mystery Dungeon games later this year. As some of you may know, the special is planned to have the Pokemon speaking to each other in English (or whatever language is most associated with your location) in the game. So the special itself is going to have Pokemon speaking with a voice that you can understand. (rather than using subtitles like in “Island of the Giant Pokemon”) will also put up the voices of the Pokemon in the future for fans to hear on their website. But stuff like this is really showing that PUSA means business in dubbing Pokemon, that or they’re hoping we’ll start liking them after the violent tear-away from 4Kids. Heh.

Lucario and the Mystery Mew TCG CardLucario and the Mystery Mew will also include a Mew TCG game card with the DVD. I’m uncertain if this is a reprint or not, but maybe we’ll get lucky.

Slee Bonsly – WPM also wants me to mention somewhere that PUSA representitives say the name Bonsly “Bons-Lee” rather than “Bon-Sly”. I realize that this defeats the Bonsai-Sly pun, and that Pokemon representitives aren’t infallible when it comes to something as simple as the pronounciation of a name. Please keep in mind that that WPM only reports things as told to him.

EDIT #2: Porygon here substituting for WPM as mentioned earlier.

Redubbed Special – WPM has called me back from Comic-Con to report some (good?) news for those of you who might have not fully enjoyed The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon special the first time it aired, which is impossible, because everyone adored it. EVERYONE.
Apparently the special is coming to the Lucario and the Mystery of Mew DVD, not only that – but it has been redubbed! WPM was lucky enough to hear a sample from it, and says Ash, Brock and May sound much closer to their original voice actors than they did last time. (I overheard someone in the backround saying Brock still didn’t sound good if you want a second opinion.) When WPM returns, he will post up the entire conference on the website through some sort of sound-file, so you’ll be able to hear them -somewhat- in action!

New Ash VA – However, the only VA who had changed from the original Mastermind cast was Ash.
So, without any futher ado: The new ASH KETCHUM IS Sarah Natochenny. Brock still remains Bill Rodgers as he was before. But as WPM said, he took a very different approach to his voice this time around, which was supposedly much closer. Hope for everyone’s sake he’s right this time. As for the rest, I will edit this update whenever WPM calls me back, if he ever does…

EDIT #1: I’ve arrived in San Diego and will be walking over to the convention center now. If I don’t update the site within the next hour or so, then I do not have wireless internet. In that case, I’ll call Porygon on my phone and he will update the site with the news I get.

Alright, the train station I am at that goes to San Diego has internet, so the train station at San Diego has internet as well. I’ll update the site when I arrive at San Diego, then tell you all if there is internet at Comic-con for me to do live updates. Cya!