Comic-con is tomorrow and I still plan on being there. I bought my train tickets and Comic-con tickets, so the only reason I would not be going tomorrow is if the world exploded, in which case no one would be going. :tongue:

I heard from someone that Comic-con has paid WiFi, so I think I will be able to do live updates (it might not, though…). Therefore, I probably will be able to sit in the voice actor conference and update this site with questions and answers that are asked and given during the conference. Obviously, I will be able to post who the new VAs are as well. Then, when the VA conference is over, I’ll upload the sound recordings, pictures, and videos I take. After that, I will have to go over to the TCG area for two hours to work, and then I will go watch Lucario and the Mystery of Mew when I am done (with an accidentally turned-on microphone in my laptop bag). Afterwards, I’ll accidentally upload voice recordings so we all know who is doing the characters’ voices.

Now remember, I don’t know yet for sure yet if Comic-con has WiFi, so if it doesn’t, I may have a bit of trouble getting all of this info posted here. If it does have WiFi, then everything should go as planned above.

When I get to Comic-con around 9:30 AM PST tomorrow, I’ll post if I have a WiFi connection. If I don’t update by 10:30 AM PST, then I probably do not have a WiFi connection. In that case, I’ll probably run to a cafe or something once the VA conference finishes and upload my findings.

Also, Comic-con will have playable demos for Mysterious Dungeon Red and Blue, so I will update this site with information on those two games as well.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, and tell your friends to check back here if they are a fan of the Anime and care about the new voices and Lucario movie! You can also post questions you want me to ask the VAs in this news story’s thread by clicking “Discuss this News Story” below.