Pika Promo, Taylor

6/6/06 and nothing bad happened (still have about two hours left, though)! Can’t say nothing bad happened for a few other Pokemon sites. :p I found out how to get a stable DSL connection from my neighbor’s. I have to stay on the top floor of my house while standing up, holding my laptop slightly in the air. Not too comfortable, but I am getting an excellent connection!

Also, if you have not joined our forums, SUCKS FOR YOU! ;)

Pikachu Blackstar #35Blackstar Promo #35: Pikachu – The promo will be available in a new EX Value Pack 3, which contains three EX series boosters (HL, FRLG, DS) and this holographic Pikachu promo. The EX Value Packs are available at stores such as Target and Wal-Mart, and price for around $9.00. Click the thumbnail on the right for a larger image (from eBayer roadrunner1111).

Veronica Taylor and Ash – I think I am the only website covering this stuff anymore, but it’s still interesting to hear about. :p It has been reported by the voice actor of Meowth, Maddie Blaustein, as well as several other sources, that Veronica Taylor was recently approached by PUSA to do the voice of Ash again. However, she refused the offer. Thus, we will never get our old Ash back again (unless she somehow for some reason changes her mind…). Kind of weird if you ask me. She and the other voice were fighting to have their voices back for months, and then when they finally got the opportunity to voice their characters again, they refused to do so (I am generalizing them because Taylor seems to be the leader). Maybe I am missing something, but my sympathy for them has now permanently gone out the window, and it’s a shame that it all had to turn out this way. They complained (mind you, they had good reason to originally), they fought, they tried to lower PUSA’s reputation, and when PUSA finally gave in to them, they refused what they had been fighting for! What was the point in all of this then? A lot of people were (and still are, sadly…..) fighting to get the old voice actors back, and yet, the VAs themselves do not even want to voice their characters anymore. Oh well, I guess. I am watching Jirachi Wishmaker right now, and I must say, I will miss the original VAs greatly. They were extremely talented and they made the characters what they are today. Pokemon will not be the same without them, but overtime, I am sure we will adapt to the new voices and learn to accept them. On the plus side, it has been reported that PUSA will be changing around the VAs for when they start to dub the show (from that of Mastermind’s), so we might get better sound-alikes. Guess we will have to wait and see.