Ranger, Evil Ash

Pokemon Ranger Release Date – The official webpage for Pokemon Ranger was updated today with the release date for it in America. It will come out on October 30th. Weird how all of the games before Diamond and Pearl are being released so fast – guess that means America is rushing so that we can have Diamond and Pearl early.

Marvel! Mountain of the Giant Slaking! – The official TV Tokyo site has been updated with the preview for this episode. You can watch it by clicking here (it will launch in Windows Media Player or your default media program). Looks like we have a King Kong parody on our hands.

Ash is Evil – In the Japanese Pokemon episode that aired today, “Battle Pyramid! VS Regirock!” Ash for some reason was put under mind control by an ancient PokeBall (at least from what I can tell from the episode preview…). Below are some pictures of evil Ash I collected from a few sources. Too bad there is no villain in Pokemon that can be this evil – it looks like he wants to kill everyone. :p Maybe it has something to do with Regirock and the pyramid?

Evil Laughing Ash – made by PPNSteve
Evil Ash Picture

EDIT: Apparently, Ash saw Ho-Oh at the end of this episode for the third time (1st in 1st episode, 2nd before going to Hoenn, third now). Could we be coming close to discovering Ho-Oh’s relationship with Ash?