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Okay, so let’s review what we learned about Diamond and Pearl today. To discuss any of this news, be sure to post in this thread.

* It’s coming out in the fall in Japan.
* It will mix both 2D and 3D.
* The region it takes place in will be Shino. It is pronounced Shih-no, kind of like “snow.” If you are confused on the first part of the name, think of someone saying the s-word (Shi*).
* The starter town is Futaba Town.
* You can trade from Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald TO the games. It is unknown at this point whether you can trade from D/P to those games.

Now, what I didn’t post earlier (thanks to Bangiras for translations!)…

* Munchlax will be able to learn Swallow, Spit Up, and Stockpile (Swallow is the attack in the fifth screenshot). It will also have the Pick Up or Thick Fat abilities.
* Manyula will be able to learn Revenge, and has the Pressure ability.

WPM’s speculation…

* The top part of the second Manyula screenshot below says “What will Manyula do?,” and yet there is no “Fight / Pokemon / Bag” selection. Does that mean that those options will be on the bottom DS screen, while only battling will take place on the top part of the screen?
* In the sixth screenshot below, there is a street lamp next to a man. Why would a game have a streetlamp if it’s only going to have daylight? Could we be seeing a hint of the return of G/S/C’s day and night? Hope so! Now that Pokemon will be released on a system with a backlight, people won’t need to worry about the screen being too dark during the night.
* Shino sounds like snow. The boy is wearing a scar-thingy and long pants. The girl is wearing boot-things and a scarf-thing. Both are wearing hat-things. Catch my icy wind?
* DIAMOND and PEARL. What is the plot going to be? What’s the mystery? Will the heroes of the games be going underground to find a legendary Pokemon that is represented by a diamond, or under the ocean to find a Pokemon (*coughcoughManaphycough*) that is represented by a pearl? Or am I taking this too literally and in three-four years be reading this news story when the next generation comes out and be laughing at all of my wacky theories and run-on sentences? Who knows! Am I the only one excited about these games and the NEW POKEMON that will be coming out soon (they have to start coming out in mass numbers, Fall is only like five months away I think)?

And now time for ALL of the pictures released/edited today! Click all of the pictures for larger versions. The four pictures immediately below this are the full-blown magazine scans where all of the D/P screenshots have come from, and you can click them as well for much larger pictures.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Male Trainer  Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Female Trainer  Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Battle Munchlax  Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Battle Manyula

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Encounter Pokemon Diamond and Pearl House Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Battle Manyula Munchlax

Munchlax vs. Manyula Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Munchlax vs. Manyula Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Town

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Ocean Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Girl Walking