POP 3 List, Mew/Lucario Binder

EDIT #2: Marshtomp and Donphan added thanks to natedawg.

EDIT: Ivysaur added thanks to Mary Eagleston.

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POP 3 Set List and Scans – Imran Kazmi has sent us in a POP 3 set list, which was put together from POP 3 cards people obtained at Regionals (which means the packs are available to people at some Regionals). The artwork on the packs includes Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon (there is only one booster pack design). The set list can be seen below:

1. Blastoise
2. Flareon
3. Jolteon
4. Minun
5. Plusle
6. Vaporeon
7. Combusken
8. Donphan
9. Forretress
10. High Pressure System
11. Low Pressure System
12. Ditto (Mr. Mime version with Psybeam Attack)
13. Eevee
14. Ivysaur
15. Marshtomp
16. Pichu Bros. (Say what?)
17. Ho-oh ex (Unseen Forces reprint with different art, non-holo)

POP 3 PackPOP 3 Minun POP 3 Donphan POP 3 Forretress
POP 3 Ditto (Mr. Mime) POP 3 Eevee POP 3 IvysaurPOP 3 Marshtomp

Click the thumbnails above for larger images. If you have any more of these cards, and can provide scans / spoilers, feel free to e-mail me by clicking my name below or by posting on our forums.

Mew / Lucario BinderMew / Lucario BinderPokemonCenter.com has made available a new TCG binder featuring Mew and Lucario on it. The art is obviously done by Ken Sugimori, and features 10 card pages that hold nine (or eighteen if you put them on the front and back) cards in each page. Quantities are apparently limited, so if you want one, you better buy it now before it sells out! The price for the binder is $14.95.

PokeBeach Strategists – If you are a PokeBeach Strategist, please go to the PokeBeach Strategist forum immediately. This is your absolute last chance (today) to fulfill what is required in the forum. Our first COTD will be posted on Monday, so you should get your articles in now if you want to be included in the review.