HP Scans, Episodes, Deck Box

EDIT: Thanks to Ice’Cold, we now have fourteen more scans, bringing us to a total of ninety-seven! Check out our EX Holon Phantoms set list page for the scans!

This is Sunday extremely early in the morning, by the way (1:30 AM – I kind of went from a nap to an eight hour sleep :p). I may do another update later on today.

EX Holon PhantomsEX Holon Phantom Scans – 80+ – Gracias a eI_at10s (who even rotated and cropped them for me!), Burninating_Torchic, and Malocide, as well as PokeBlob from yesterday, we now have over 80 EX Holon Phantoms scans! You can view the scans on our EX Holon Phantoms set list page. If you have any cards and would like to scan them for us, please scan them at 200 DPI, save them as JPG, and e-mail them to [email protected]. Thank you!

EX HP Pre-Release Deck Box – Thanks to Oddish196, we now have a picture of the deck box from the pre-releases! You can see a larger image by clicking the thumbnail below!

EX Holon Phantoms Pre-Release Deck Box