Tamanta, MC, 10th anniversary

Three day weekend. Time for some site maintenance.

Mantine and “Tamanta” Comparison – I have cropped out and edited the 1st shadow Pokemon picture from the CoroCoro magazine page, and have slapped it next to Mantine for comparison purposes. As we reported the other day, this first Pokemon shadow could possibly be named “Tamanta,” since the name was in the Japanese trademark database and seems to fit most people’s predisposition that the first picture looks like a baby Mantine (in that the name is similar to Mantine, and could be the shadow Pokemon’s name).

Mantine and Tamanta Comparison

So, highlighting different parts of both Pokemon, one can see there are some strong similarities. First off, both have antennas located on the top of the Pokemon (assuming that the shadow Pokemon is straight up and not upside down or backwards or anything like that). Secondly, both have the same type of body shape, being rounded like a crooked oval. Thirdly, attached to their rounded bodies are two wings, and although the shadow Pokemon’s wings are not in the same direction as Mantine’s, it does in fact have wings attached to an oval body, like Mantine. Baby Pokemon usually lack a feature of their evolved forms, such as Azurill and Wynaut missing arms/hands, while Marill and Wobbuffet have them. “Tamanta” appears to be missing a tail. The other day while watching a Discovery Channel show on early life, the program actually mentioned that the first fish to swim in Earth’s waters did not have any fins or tails, and as time went on, they gradually grew them. Thus, with “Tamanta,” one could assume that being a baby Pokemon, it does not have all of its features yet, and will obtain them in “evolution.” If you want to be less technical, you could just say that Gamefreak couldn’t make Mantine and Tamanta too similar, and thought “Hey, let’s just cut off its tail and take away the Remoraid.” So yeah. Note that this could be 100% wrong – Tamanta might not be the 1st shadow Pokemon’s name, it might not be the pre-evolution of Mantine, and it could just be something totally different. We will not know for sure until next month, but right now, a little speculation and comparisons never hurt.

New Miracle Crystal Images – I have updated the Miracle Crystal page with new images released from the Japanese Pokemon TCG site today. It would appear as if the artwork for this set is going to be AWESOME!

Pokemon Journey Across America – New Info!Pokemon.com has updated their website with new information on the Gameboy tournaments that will be held at the Pokemon 10th Anniversary Tours across America. New information includes the rules on Pokemon that you can use, how to enter the Gameboy tournaments, and more specific details on the events in general. Interesting notes include that the Gameboy tournaments will actually be 2-on-2 and will be played through Pokemon XD on televisions, Pokemon should be at Level 100 for battles, and the only Pokemon not allowed are Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Deoxys. To read all of the specifics on the tournament rules, simply visit Pokemon.com’s Video Game National Championship page and read through the documentation links under the Spheal.