Mew title, patch

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Mew’s US Title – Revealed! – A source has e-mailed me with information stating that the US title for Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero will be “Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.” This title has not been completely confirmed, as the person who e-mailed me did not give any evidence as to where the name came from, but the person has given me info in the past that has turned out to be correct. Thus, it may not be true, but then again, there is a chance that it could be. I will post an update on whether or not it is the true title when more information on the movie is released. If it is, we will know for sure that Lucario is spelled as LUCARIO, and not Rukario, as I have been ranting about since forever. :p

EDIT (20 seconds later): Our affiliate Bulbagarden has confirmed the title, and that it came from the most recent issue of the “Pokemon Fan” magazine. Thus, the info is true. Now that we know the title, we know that LUCARIO is LUCARIO and not Rukario, as my sources told me months ago (and in which Serebii tried to cover up since he did not have the information first – wonder what his excuse will be now). The same source also told me that Mr. Mime’s pre-evolution would have a suffix in its name, so I guess I can post that little tid-bit now, since the original source who told me Lucario’s name turned out to be right months later. Aren’t you glad that you can trust PokeBeach and its sources?

Apprentice Patch Updated with Final Legend Maker Patch – Venasaur has finished working on the final version of the Apprentice EX Legend Maker patch! You can download it by visiting our [Apprentice Program] page.