JAA Report, MC Pics, Hamachi

I didn’t have time to finish everything I wanted for tonight’s update because of school work, so I will be aiming to update the right menu and add more TCG fake card blanks to this site tomorrow.

Pokemon Journey Across AmericaJourney Across America Tour Info – The Miami, Florida Journey Across America Tour has come and gone, and people have been posting facts here and there regarding their experiences at the event. First off, most people have said that officially at the tournament, you are only allowed to download one Pokemon to one of your games (including Celebi). However, unofficially, the people letting you download the Pokemon let others get away with downloading more than that if the lines are not too long, since all of the trades take place over link cable. Secondly, all Pokemon you download are at level 70, and know attacks that they would normally all know at level 70. Thirdly, the metagame apparently was not as legendary-packed as most people thought it would be, so I guess if you do use all legendaries, you will evily sweep everyone else’s teams. If anyone went to the tournament and would like to make a report, feel free to e-mail it to me by clicking my name below this post, and I will gladly post it up on the site.

Miracle Crystal Page Updated – The Miracle Crystal page has been updated with three pictures of Kyogre ex, Groudon ex, and Charizard (Delta Species). They aren’t really new pictures, but now we can see Kyogre and Groudon in full, since before they were only on the theme deck image and covered by a coin.

Problems with Apprentice? – I completely forgot to post about this a few weeks ago when I updated the Apprentice page, so now I will tell you all. If you use Apprentice and cannot connect to other people, especially if you use DSL or Cable, there is now a solution to the problem through a program you can download that will help your router/modem figure out its own IP address. I wrote a guide on how to download, install, and use it on the forums, and everyone I know who has tried it has had success with connecting to other Apprentice players. So, check it out!