Miracle Crystal

I fell asleep after I did my homework last night, so I didn’t get to update with the news. I have to leave for school in 30 minutes, so I’ll only do the top story that I was excited about yesterday, since I won’t have time for anything else. Also, because my new laptop broke AGAIN (wasn’t my fault this time :p), it will be hard for me to update every day until I can get my older, in-four-pieces-laptop, internet-enabled, since for some reason it refuses to connect to any wireless network like it used to.

The NEXT, NEXT Japanese Set
We barely know anything about the Holon Phantom, yet we already have exclusive information on the set to follow it in Japan! The set after the Holon Phantom will be named Miracle Crystal, and will be released on March 11th in Japan. The following is all of the information we know about the set:

1. The theme of the set will be an “unexplored region,” although we are not sure what region exactly. It might not be Holon.
2. The set will contain ALL of the Red/Blue (FireRed/LeafGreen) and Ruby/Sapphire starters, meaning we will see the Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Mudkip, Treeko, and Torchic lines in the set! (BLASTOISE!!! *drops dead*)
3. *Revives with Revive* There will be EIGHT EX Pokemon in the set. (BLASTOISE!!!)
4. Celebi * will be in the set.
5. Delta Species Pokemon will be in the set, once again.

Commentary: BLASTOISE!!! Oh, and Blaziken, Sceptile, Charizard, Swampert, and Venusaur. Is this going to be an awesome set or what? Most likely, those eight ex’s will be the Stage 2 lines and two other Pokemon, although this has not been confirmed yet. Also, it seems like EXs will be sticking around a bit longer, although it is possible they will become extinct when the Diamond and Pearl blocks start. I will make a page on Miracle Crystal when I get home. Be sure to keep checking back here for all of the latest information on the Holon Phantom, Miracle Crystal, and EX Legend Maker, and to post in the commenting system about the set!

Two New Japanese Decks
Also being released on March 11th will be two pre-contructed decks. Each will contain either Groudon ex or Kyogre ex, and will have Delta Species Pokemon in them for the starter Pokemon, such as Treeko-D and Charmander-D. Most likely, these starter decks will be combined with Miracle Crystal for our set when it comes to America in who knows when. Thanks go to ToysRUsKid for notifying us of this information, and Vincent for translating it.