Another New Set, Press Release

Tomorrow we will have some new and surprising set news. I must say I am completely excited about the news, and that it has been something that I have been hoping for since after FR/LG came out (hint hint). The reason I am not updating with it yet today is because I still need to make sure that it is accurate, so it will have to wait just one more day. I also am in a rush (not that kind of rush) since it is Sunday night and I still have homework to do, so I will have a lot of other stuff tomorrow as well that I was going to update with tonight but didn’t have time to type up, such as new Kyogre movie news and speculation. :p

Nintendo / PUSA Press Release

Looks like Nintendo will no longer be completely in charge of distribution of Pokemon TCG products, but that Pokemon USA (PUSA), the guys who translate and design all of the TCG products, now will. PUSA originally sold all of their Pokemon TCG products to Nintendo, who then distributed it to stores, but now PUSA will take over that as well.

Nintendo of America Inc. and Pokemon USA, Inc. Announce Change in Pokemon Trading Card Game Distribution

Nintendo of America Inc. and Pokemon USA, Inc. today announce that effective January 1, 2006, Pokemon USA, Inc. will assume the consumer marketing and distribution responsibilities for the Pokemon® Trading Card Game (TCG) currently handled by Nintendo of America Inc.

For the last three years, Nintendo of America Inc. has managed the distribution and consumer marketing efforts for the Pokemon TCG working in tandem with the creators and manufacturers of the game at Pokemon USA, Inc. and The Pokemon Company. During this period Pokemon USA, Inc. has focused on establishing the Pokemon Organized Play program and international distribution for the game.

“We are proud of the successes Nintendo of America Inc. and Pokemon USA, Inc. achieved working as close partners on the Pokemon TCG. As the brand enters into its tenth year Pokemon USA, Inc. is best-positioned to direct the marketing and distribution efforts of the Pokemon TCG as an integral part of managing the Pokemon brand,” says Gail Tilden, Nintendo’s Vice President, Brand Management.

Pokemon USA and Nintendo will continue to work closely to promote and create synergy between all Pokemon franchise elements. “We look forward to continuing our close relationship with Nintendo of America and working together to build the brand to new heights,” said Mr. Akira Chiba, President of Pokemon USA, Inc.

New Mew / LUCARIO Music

Today we bring you yet another OST from Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero – Lucario. The one available for download today is absolutely my favorite out of the entire soundtrack. I believe it is when (SPOILER) Lucario dies, since it is titled “Farewell Lucario” and is kind of emotional. Thanks go to SD Pokemom for translating the title of the song for me from Japanese.

[Farewell Lucario]
(2:55) – (6.56 MBs)

Be sure to check back tomorrow!