9th movie

The below is being typed on a laptop with a broken screen, so I am unable to see what I am typing. If it looks funny, bare with me, I will fix it later – I am putting this up as soon as possible because it is breaking news from Japan. Let’s see if I can do everything right barely being able to see what I am typing.

The title of the ninth Pokemon movie will be “Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea.” I have summed up all we know so far about the movie:

1. Kyogre will be in it, with a strong possibility of a fourth generation Pokemon.
2. A blond, male Pokemon Ranger will star in it.
3. Ash and Pikachu will be in it, as usual (have to say since some people believe that the next generation will not have Ash and crew in it).
4. It will be the fourth Advanced Generation movie, with the next movie being a full-blown Diamond and Pearl generation movie.
5. It will come out next July in Japan.
6. It will somehow involve a place in Rome (like with Lati@s)
7. Production has already begun on it, and actually begun pretty early for it.
8. It should be the best movie yet since it stars a water Pokemon. :p

Commentary: I was wondering for the LONGEST time why Kyogre had not been in any movie, but only in a few episodes. Kyogre has been out for like three to four years now, and yet it’s just getting a movie right when Ruby and Sapphire is about to be haxxed? Eye yi yi. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, HOPEFULLY the movie will star a water-type legendary D/P Pokemon.