Pokemon #1, 3rd Mew

Christmas (Winter if you want to be politically correct)… vacation… almost… here… must… hold… on…

So Pokemon is Dead, Huh?
Usually when people say Pokemon is dead, they refer to the Anime. Of course, we alllll know that is not true, because if it were, then we would not be here. Pokemon may be out of its “fad” stage, but the people who are leftover are the true fans, and there are a LOT of them, so how can something be dead when many, many people are still into it? Well, on December 5th, Kids’ WB’s ratings were released, and it showed that Pokemon is not only going strong, but that it is on the top of the top! I have summarized the ratings report below:

• Kids’ WB is the #1 most watched programming on Saturday mornings in the categories of kids 6-11, boys 2-11, boys 6-11, tweens 9-14, and male tweens 9-14.
• Pokemon is the #1 most watched show on Kids’ WB (and thus on Saturday mornings) in kids 6-11, boys 2-11, and boys 6-11.
• It comes in second place on Kids’ WB in the categories of kids 2-11, tweens 9-14, and male tweens 9-14.

Now we can all (or maybe just me) shove this report into people’s faces when they say Pokemon is dead. :p

Orudoran CastleThird Mew / LUCARIO OST
We continue our celebration of the Mew/LUCARIO movie today with another piece of BGM (background music)! Today’s piece is titled “Orudoran Castle,” and is the theme song to the castle in the movie, I would assume (haven’t seen the movie yet, so I can only make predictions…). This isn’t one of my favorites in the collection of songs, but it’s still a good one!

[Orudoran Castle]
(2:32) – (5.68 MBs)

Also, are you guys even downloading these songs? I haven’t heard any feedback on if you guys like that I am putting these up for download or if you don’t care about them at all. A commenting system post would be appreciated so that I know if I should continue to put them up or just scrap doing it all together. :)