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I took my new laptop to the shop yesterday, and they said it would be a couple of weeks before I got it back. @_@ So, I am stuck with my old, in-four-pieces, won’t-connect-to-my-wireless-internet, keyboard-is-tiny, very-slow, laptop. Updates are going to take a little longer to do now, especially since I have to go into another room and hook it up directly to the DSL modem, while trying to keep it all together. The slighest movement cuts off the power. XD

Miracle Crystal Set Page
I have added a page on the new Japanese set, Miracle Crystal. It contains all information we know on the set thus far. To view the page, [click here], and in the future, you can access it from the left menu under “Japanese TCG Sets.”

Another Mew and Lucario OST
Today’s OST is titled “Dance Party,” and is the song that plays while everyone is dancing in the Mew movie at the party (duh). It is a highly addictive song, and it WILL get stuck in your head, especially if you play it twenty times like I have done. I like the song, although it does get a little annoying after a while. When you hear it, you may feel sudden urges to dance. Enough of the warnings, on to the song!

[Dance Party]
(3:07) – (7.03 MBs)

Report Card is Coming
This Christmas, all of the visitors of PokeBeach will be my teacher, and I will be the student. Each day, you as the visitors will post what I have to finish for my site, and at the end of the following day (my time, of course), you all will grade me on how well I accomplished the task and if I finished what I was assigned. Before Christmas vacation starts, I will post a schedule of what days I will not be home, and what projects I plan on working on during break, which you guys will choose for me to work on for a specific day. For example, on Friday, December 16th, I will post a list of “assignments,” and you guys will vote on which one I should finish by Saturday night (Dec. 17th). When I finish it, you guys will give me a grade, and then you will also vote on what I should do next. I don’t know what my punishment will be if I don’t finish an assignment, so let’s just say for now that if I don’t finish something, the first person to e-mail me gets to choose a punishment for me, such as typing in a weird color, changing the header, or whatever. I will post (or think of) more details when the first assignments are announced on Friday. If you are totally confused by this game, just wait until Friday. ;)