EX LM Logo, Mew

Yowza, I am updating a lot. I remember in December two years ago, I only had like two updates the entire month. Boy have I come a long way. My life = gone. XD

EX Legend Maker Logo
The EX Legend Maker logo has been revealed!

Hmmm, to get Mew in Emerald, you need the Old Sea Chart. The logo kind of looks like a piece of old paper, so it could be a map, thus alluding to everyone that this set is [Eidolon Forest]. This set is going to be released in February, which does seem to be the right time for 4Kids to release the Mew/Lucario movie, so this could very well be the Mew set for sure now. Also, as I have said in the past, Mew is the ancestor of all Pokemon, meaning all Pokemon evolved from it. Thus, it is considered a “legend/Pokemon maker.” How deeply Nintendo/PUSA/whoever actually thought into this title, I do not know.

Lucario/Mew Music #6
We continue our Mew/Lucario marathon with yet again another OST (like you didn’t see that coming)! This one is titled “Aaron,” and is one of two Aaron songs available on the Mew soundtrack. This one has to take place in the very beginning of the movie, since it is at the very beginning of the soundtrack, and since we are in the past at the beginning of the Mew movie with Aaron sealing LUCARIO in an ORACLE, I would assume that this song somehow plays in all of that. Anyways, this is probably my second or third favorite song from the soundtrack, and you can download it below like usual!

[Aaron #1]
(3:17) – (7.38 MBs)

Homework Assignment for Sunday
Okay, before we begin the actual assignments, what do you guys want me to focus on? I’ll tell you right now what I plan on having done by the end of Christmas/Winter Break, but you guys will be able to tell me what order I do them in.

1. All EX set scans (so just R/S, Sandstorm, and Dragon) done. Possibly Promos as well.
2. Re-watermarking of all scans to be less intrusive on the card art.
3. An entire fake card blanks database (I have inherited all of Pokemon Lab’s blanks, as well as the blanks of a new person on the block, Fanking, who will be making blanks for Dark Pokemon, Delta Pokemon, etc.)
4. Pages on each of the TCG sets with all information regarding the sets, such as release dates, facts, etc.
5. Update the Modified Carddex with Delta Species and Promos if I finish them in time.
6. Card lists for all of the sets
7. ???

For whichever of the categories above you would like me to do first, simply send me an e-mail and give the number to which category (only ONE category). Do not tell me any specifics of the category, such as “Do the EX R/S scans” or “Put the Dark Pokemon blanks up.” I just want to know what you guys want me to do FIRST. For example, if I get emails saying “Scans,” I will start working on scans first during Christmas/Winter vacation. I will, however, post a poll asking what specifics of the project you guys want done. So, if scans are the first category, I will make a poll with specific sets and will do the sets in the order of what people want up the most. So, get those e-mails in! The deadline is Friday night. You can email me by clicking my name below this post.