The Holon Phantom

The Next Japanese TCG Set
Today we have some exclusive news! Once again, for the fourth set in a row, we are revealing what the new set’s name is! The next Japanese set will be named The Holon Phantom, and will be the predecessor expansion set to “The Researching Tower of Horon [Holon].” The set will be released on January 17th in Japan, and the theme for the set will be Pokemon in the inner part of Holon (and Holon is in the inner part of Eidolon Forest, so we’re going really deep here). This set will also continue the new type of delta speces Pokemon, which could be showing that they are here to say. As I said for the Researching Tower of Horon background info, delta species Pokemon were referred to as the “fourth type,” as in saying that it is the new type of Pokemon to come to the TCG that will stay. Well, this next set confirms that theory, and if another set is to have delta species Pokemon, we can be sure they will be around for a while. So, what could this set involve? On the same day in Japan, a Deoxys deck box holder will come out, which could be a clue that a/some Deoxys [Delta Species] will come out. But who or what is the Holon phantom? As I posted for the Researching Tower of Horon set, the researchers involved with the delta species Pokemon were also responsible for looking for Mew in Eidolon Forest, which is where the tower is. If you are a fan of the Japanese Pokemon anime, you may know that Mew is referred to as the “Phantom Pokemon.” So, could the set somehow involve Mew, again? Mew is in Eidolon Forest afterall, and Holon is also in Eidolon Forest, so you never know. What else could it involve? Maybe ghosts? Maybe some secretive Pokemon? Deoxys? Legendary Pokemon? Only time will tell, but you can be sure that with this set, we will be your #1 source for it, as we have been with the past four Japanese TCG sets.

Also, all information on the set will be found on [this page], as I did with The Researching Tower of Horon and EX Delta Species (in the future, you can access the link in the left menu under ‘Japanese TCG Sets’).

EX Delta Species Theme Deck Lists
RainbowGym has kindly sent us the EX Delta Species theme deck lists! To see the lists, you can visit our [Theme Deck Lists] section and click on “EX Delta Species.”

Two New Forums
I have added two new categories to the forum, and I hope that at least one of them becomes successful. The first forum I added was the Weekly Quiz Discussion, which is where everyone can discuss those two quiz polls in the right menu after they have finished (not opened yet). But that’s not as important as the next one. I have set up an Apprentice forum where you can set up matches, post your contact info, and do basically whatever you want in finding and battling other people. To read the introduction thread, [click here]. If you haven’t registered in the forums, click “Register to Post” under this news story. Then, post in the Apprentice forum to get started!

I will try to have another update by the end of the week, which should include all of the Delta scans, a new article by Flaming_Spinach, and some other goodies.