Scans coming

I almost fell off the face of the earth. I was holding on real tight to one of the tips of Antarctica, and was going to fall off, but some Eskimo peoples saved me and pulled me up. Then, I had to find my way back to America, and these little penguins floated me over. Then they “fainted” from the warm water we have here in California, which they are not used to. :p But I’m back!

Actually, as usual, school has been keeping me busy. Thank goodness that all of this Scarlet Letter madness will end next week, and I will not be spending two hours a night reading a chapter and taking notes on it, even though I must admit I like the book (the only book since ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ I have liked that they have forced us to read in school). Oh, also, my brand new laptop was destroyed by me when I knocked a full cup of water on to it, so that kind of pulled me back these past few days. Luckily, it’s under warranty, and Toshiba is going to send me my fixed laptop in three weeks (even though that’s way too long for me). Unluckily, I lost all of my data, so I have to go back and re-type all of my school notes that I have taken everyday in class. :( So, more inactivity, which is just what this site needs in all of our daily updates! :p

On the waters of the empty ocean, a man looks out to the horizon and sees something coming, something that will arrive in the very near future. The mirage seems to be the holder of a promise that something will be completed soon, although this mirage is unclear to the viewer standing on the sand, as he does not even know how he is able to come to the above conclusion of a promise coming. In the sky above the mirage, eighteen orbs of light are displayed, some in groups of three, one in a group of four, and some orbs all by themselves. The viewer is left in utter confusion, as he does not know what he is seeing or what the message is. As he begins to walk away, one of the orbs of light begins to fade away, although it has not faded away completely. The viewer continues to watch, and we are left to wonder what this strange mirage’s message is conveying. Next to him on the sand appear seven orbs, which begin to flash in response to the fading orb…

Oh, also, added the old commenting system back. The forum thing just wasn’t working out.