Dropping in real quick. This has literally been my ONLY free hour for the past week and a half. I am tired of getting emails and threats about updating my site, although I don’t blame you guys, so I will be telling you more than you ever wanted to know about what school has been doing to me these past few weeks. Maybe you will be able to understand why it’s so hard to put an update together now. ASB has been keeping me pretty busy after school, as Homecoming is coming up, and we have been getting a lot of homework thrown at us. In English III Honors we are reading the Scarlet Letter and have to read and take notes on multiple chapters each night (average hrs per night: 2-4) , in Int. Science III Honors we are working on a major lab that will be due this Friday (45 mins – 1 hr each night), in Alg. II there really hasn’t been anything other than the daily lessons (20-30 mins), in AP US we have had to do a video project that takes forever when you have an old fashioned camera (all day Saturday and Monday, several hours after school), plus a HUGE six chapter test is coming up this Friday in which I am trying to study for. In Spanish III, we have had an art project where we have to draw a famous piece of artwork and memorize one full page of Spanish for a presentation (2 hrs per night to draw and practice), and in AP Psych we are starting our IB experiment tests (1.5 hrs per night). Also for Speech and Debate, I am trying to get an expository speech together on Anime, which is a 10 minute, MEMORIZED speech with 20+ posters, but that hasn’t gone well so far as I am being swampered with homework. I have been up until almost 2 AM every night, and barely have anytime to do anything fun, although I do get around to visiting my favorite message boards every now and then. So yeah, you don’t want to be me. So, before some of you start bashing me over AIM/E-mail/PM’s, please consider that I am also a fellow human being and that I also have feelings and that I also DISLIKE SCHOOL VERY VERY MUCH RIGHT NOW. I have 10 fingers just like you, I watch television when I can just like you, I have two younger brats just like a lot of people, and I also occasionally have a period of time in school where I get uncontrollable amounts of homework. So next time you decide to send me a rude message, DON’T, even if I have not updated in a week. I know when I have not updated in a week, trust me, and I don’t need to be reminded of it. So x5, yeah.

And sometime this week, I will have an actual update. No broken promise on that.

*goes back to reading Ch. 10 and 11 of the Scarlet Letter where Chillingworth is trying to mentally harm Dimmesdale since he now knows who Pearl’s real father is*