Scan Situation Haunter Apprentice

EX Delta Species Scan Situation
The scans are not done yet. I have finished 63 of them, and am going to recieve the entire rest of the set tomorrow, which will give us all of the scans for the set. I’d rather do them all at once so that it will be easier for me to edit and watermark them; otherwise, it will take me too much time. I also now have to create a new watermark logo and re-create all of the numbers I used for placing the watermark on the scans since I accidently deleted them off of my old laptop when I was trying to move them to my new one yesterday. Who knew that if you left a laptop sitting for one and a half months it would hard delete files instead of putting them into the Recycle Bin…

Apprentice Patch Updated
Thanks to Venusaur, we now have an updated Apprentice patch for EX Delta Species! To download the patch or the entire Apprentice program with the patch built in (if you are a first timer to Apprentice), you can visit our [Apprentice Program] section.

New/Old Header!
I have put up a Halloween header, but it’s the same one as last year. I did not have any time this year to make a new one, so I just figured the old one was good enough. You will probably have to clear out your cache to see it, as I had to do, or you will be seeing Haunter and a moon in front of an ocean wave. It’s supposed to be Haunter and a moon in front of dim stars. Now I wonder how many people will miss this update and come here in a few days wondering what is going on with the header. :p