Blue, Worlds 05 Decks

Recall! Recall!
Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Blue for the Nintendo DS, recently released in Japan, has been discovered to contain a huge glitch, and has been recalled. If a person is to insert a GBA cart into the DS while Dungeon Blue is running, such as Emerald, Sapphire, FR/LG, or any other GBA game other than the game’s counterpart, Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Red, the cartridge’s saved data is immediately erased! Kind of is a downer for some of the Japanese who have all of their rare and strong Pokemon on their cartridges – I know I would be mad if I ever lost my Blastoise or Ludicolo. The only way in which a person can avoid this is simple: don’t put in ANY GBA game into your DS, other than Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Red, while Mysterious Dungeon Blue is running. Nintendo of Japan will be issuing replacement cartridges for Mysterious Dungeon Blue starting December 8th, giving you a brand new cartridge that will not erase games. Luckily for us, the problem was discovered early, and will be fixed for when the game leaves Japan and comes to other countries.

Worlds 2005 Decks
I have added the four released Worlds 2005 deck lists and pictures to our [Theme Deck Lists] section. These are available in stores right now, and are a great tool for the beginning player to learn how to play the game. However, none of the cards in these decks can be played in an official tournament, as they have different colored borders and the backs have different art compared to a normal Pokemon card. Plus, it would be kind of cheap to go out and buy the decks and get all of those powerful cards just like that. To view the deck lists, you can [click here].

Diamond and Pearl are Coming
While no one knows the exact release date for the next generation of Pokemon games, what we do know is that they will be released some time next year in Japan. CoroCoro, an official Japanese magazine, is beginning to start a contest for Diamond and Pearl, which means the games will be coming out sometime soon. Incase you did not know, CoroCoro usually has silhouettes of new Pokemon before anyone else, and eventually the full-blown pictures, which also means that we will be getting an influx of new Pokemon soon because of this contest they are having (It’s a sign! It’s a sign!). I am already beginning to contact a few people I know in Japan who are heavily involved in Pokemon, and hopefully, they will be able to feed us any D/P information that comes out. So, this is just a warning to everyone. In the upcoming months (starting in a few months :p), everyone is going to be Diamond and Pearl happy, and there will be a lot of information coming in from everywhere. Hopefully everyone won’t be lost in the craziness.