9th movie

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When I started this site back in… whenever it was… I wanted it to mainly focus on the TCG, but I also wanted to have news on ALL aspects of Pokemon, not just the TCG, and I did for a long time, but I haven’t really done so for the past few months. In real life, I am a huge fan of the Anime, TCG, and Gameboy games, as much or even more than the TCG. So, for now on, I am going to post news on the other aspects of Pokemon, starting today. Also, thank you everyone for doing the survey. If you have not done it yet, please read the news story from yesterday. :)

First Significant Ninth Movie News
Yes, significant. A shadowy person at the end of Lucario/Mew throwing a PokeBall doesn’t really tell us anything about the next movie. :p I think we are the first American website to post this info, so when you see this movie in about two years in America, remember where you saw the first significant info about it, and that it was snowing (No, I am not showing off, I am telling you that we have something first as proof that I keep up with Anime news and will be posting about it just as fast as I do with TCG news! XD). Just a few hours ago, Zhen Lin, a member from our affiliate [Bulbagarden], posted a translation of a report from the Japanese website [PokeAni], which gives us some clues on to what the NINTH Pokemon movie will be about, and what its current progress is as of now.

Work on the summer 2006 Pokémon movie has started in earnest.

According to the blog of screenplay writer Hideki Sonoda, the screenplay has already entered its final stage, having taken about 9 months to write.

And according to the homepage of the lead animation director, Mōri Kazuaki, the trailer for next year’s Pokémon movie has been made for the end-of-year commercials for the movies of the Tōhō group, and it seems that work on the movie itself has begun earlier than normal.

In an interview with Yuyama Kunihiko on the November 27 Pokémon Sunday, he visited Italy in order to strengthen his vision of “drifting temple” – and visited the ruins of Rome, as well as the cobalt blue city of Naples. According to Mr. Yuyama, already a clear vision of the movie is ready.

The presently established situation of next year’s movie:

* Screenplay, storyboard is almost complete
* A movie trailer will be broadcast with the other end-of-year Tōhō movie commercials.
* The stage this time has Rome as the motif, with a city like Naples?
* The vision of a “drifting temple”. The ruins of Rome as the motif.
* A link with Pokémon Ranger?
* 2006 summer (July?)

Comments: Okay, now, you all have some grand illusion of what the next movie will be about in your mind. Now, what I want you to do is throw that illusion into the dirt, step on it, and spit on it. We all know that the more recent Pokemon movies didn’t live up to their potential and could have done so much more, but they did not. In contrast to the above, you could also say that, well, since this could be a Diamond/Pearl movie, the writers will have a fresh perspective on what they want to do, since they have had Hoenn for like, three-four years now. Also, as the translation mentions, they are starting work on this movie earlier than usual, which could mean a better movie. So, who knows. We’ll see a basic preview of this movie sometime in December, and when it comes out, I will post it immediantly, since usually the Japanese release it on their movie site around midnight my time and I am always up to see it, just like I was last year and the year before. :p

Ooops, was going to post the Worlds 2005 deck lists and pics, but my parents are telling me it’s time to go to my grandma’s house for leftovers, so I’ll post it later and put an edit at the top of this story so you all know. Check back in about… 12 hours?