new delta info types

EX Delta Species / The Researching Tower of Horon just keeps getting more interesting. The same eBay auctioner from yesterday put up two scans of a Fire-type Bagon and Lighting-type Dratini. You can see the auction by [clicking here].

I talked to Vincent, who was able to do some translations, and we found out the following. Some of the points below may not be completely accurate, though we are pretty sure they are for the most part:

1. A lot of the Pokemon in the sets will be a type that they traditionally are not.
2. Mewtwo δ and Rayquaza δ will be in the set.
3. There will be a Water / Metal type Starmie in the set.
4. Basic Pokemon, such as Dratini and Bagon, are called “Delta Basics.”
5. There will be some HORON’s Pokemon, such as Electrode and Magneton.

We will have more new info soon!