Researching Tower of Horon Theme Deck Pics Plus New Info!
An auction on eBay shows “The Researching Tower of Horon” (EX Delta Species in America) theme decks, which include Jolteon ex, Vaporeon ex, and Flareon ex. You can see the auction by [clicking here]. The pictures of the three Eeveelutions shown on the theme deck boxes are the actual card art work for the three ex’s. The auction also confirms that Bagon, Staryu, and Dratini will be in the set. If you remember that Dragonair picture I took from Worlds, that right there could be the artwork for the one that could be in the set (what’s a Dratini without a Dragonair and Dragonite these days?).

I have now updated both [The Researching Tower of Horon] and [EX Delta Species] pages to include all of the information we currently know about both sets. Since they are the same set basically, the Horon page will have information that applies to the EX Delta Species set.

New Lucario / Mew Gift Box Info
As we posted the other day, Japan will be coming out with another Lucario / Mew gift box. Vincent has now discovered new info on the box. The box will contain a Pikachu ☆ (hehe, just learned how to make the star). We will have more info soon as it comes in!