Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I have been busy with reading my summer books for school before I go back and taking notes for AP Psychology. Anyways, tomorrow I will be going to Worlds via Amtrak (first time on a train), so I am really excited about it. On Saturday, I will try to do live reports, since you can get internet there on your laptop for 10 bucks a day. I’ll also take some video and pictures as well. I’ll probably give my reports and pics via the message board, as it is much easier to post that way, so you might want to sign up on them. The location of Worlds 2006 will also be announced there, and when it is, I’ll put it up here. A source has already told me the location and time to Worlds next year, but since I am going there where it will be announced, I think everyone might try to kill me if I were to spoil it early (especially the POP heads ^_^;). POP obviously wants it to be kept a surprise until then, so I guess I will honor that (oh look, the guy who likes to spoil sets for everyone is keeping future info a secret, what a surprise). All right, so until Saturday, ermmm… vote for what deck you think will win? :p ———->