More EX UFO Scans
We now are now only six scans away from finishing the EX Unseen Forces scans! Thanks goes to Mewsmom, Pokemon Steve, SilverChaos, and Holy Star for sending in more scans today to help complete the set! To view the scans and set list, you can [click here].

New Researching Tower of Horon Info
We have obtained some new information regarding the Researching Tower of Horon set, which will be the next set to be released in Japan (and probably America). The set will feature the three original Eeveelutions, but in ex-form! Vaporeon ex, Jolteon ex, and Flareon ex will be starring in the set as the main water, lightning, and fire Pokemon! They will be featured in the three 15-card theme decks, which are similar to the Quick Construction packs, along with other cards in the set that will be released in booster packs. As we get more information on the set, we will continue to post it! Remember, all known Researching Tower of Horon set information can be found in the left menu under “Japanese TCG Sets.”