I couldn’t get internet access at Worlds. In fact, I couldn’t even get internet access at home. Apparently, me putting my wireless card into my laptop bag with my deck box and other Worlds items was not such a good idea. I must have bashed it up or something from carrying my laptop bag all around. So, my parents bought me a new one a few hours after I got home from Worlds, and now everything is fine and dandy. On with the news!

Researching Tower of Horon Pokemon Pics?
On Friday afternoon at Worlds, I walked over to the artist gallery section where I discovered five new card art pictures that I have never seen before. Since the next Japanese set (which will probably be the next American set, EX Delta Species), The Researching Tower of Horon, will be based off of laboratory Pokemon, I figured that the Pokemon shown are from the set. Click the links below for their images.

[Metagross *]

I have created a page on EX Delta Species, since the Researching Tower of Horon will most likely be the same set. You can access it from the left menu under TCG Sets.

Worlds Winner
The Worlds winner for the 15+ age division is Jeremy Maron (USA), who used a Milotic (HL) and Nidoqueen (FRLG) deck combo to take the World Championships! Who would have guessed that a deck like that could take it all? Come to think of it, who would have guessed Magma would have taken last year’s Worlds? It seems like the winners are always using a deck that is unique (or ummm, rarely, rarely played, as both Magma and that deck combo have been used before at tournies) and that takes advantage of the metagame. This is definitely something to take note of for next year when planning on what deck you should use!

Next Year’s Worlds
…..will be in Anaheim, California, at the Disney Resort I believe (just a rumor, not sure if that’s where it will be for sure, but it will definitely be in Anaheim). The location is only around 5 miles away from my house, which is kind of disappointing for me since I always like to travel far away! Maybe next year, it will be in Florida again. It doesn’t look like POP will ever take Worlds outside of the USA, as most players are here and it would probably be too expensive to take all of the US players, since there are so many of them, to another country. I was hoping for Japan one day, but it doesn’t look like that will ever happen…