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Been busy getting ready for school. There hasn’t even been any significant news since I last updated, so no losses. :p

New Pages!
You may have noticed new pages being added to the left menu as you checked here thinking there would be new news. Well, I have been going content crazy in the past few days and added a few new sections:

1. Modified Format Carddex: Contains all cards currently in the Modified format (HL-on) on one single page, with links to the scans. POP 1 and 2 have not been added yet. This is an excellent resource for trying to figure out what pre-evolution you want to use, what Pokemon cards are out there in the format right now, etc. So many Baltoy and Magikarp to choose from, which one is right for your deck?!

2. Pocket Monsters List: A list of all Pokemon currently known, along with their types, GB mini sprites, Japanese names in the English language, and Japanese text. Have a Japanese website with card lists but can’t figure out what the heck is being playing? Compare the Japanese text names of the deck list and compare them to this list to see which Pokemon is which! Thanks goes to [Animelee], who provided me with the original list to use!

3. Ken Sugimori Images / Ken Sugimori Shiny Images: Simply putting it – Ken Sugimori images of all 386 Pokemon, in both their regular versions and in shiny versions. Thanks to Meowth346 for creating these and allowing me to use them!

4. Apprentice Program: Sick of digging through website after website and forum after forum trying to find the latest Apprentice patch? Are you just plain confused on how to use and install Apprentice? This new section is for you! It contains a link to the latest Apprentice patch, as well as the Apprentice program with the latest patch pre-loaded, and will be updated as soon as the newest patches are released!

That’s all the new pages for now. I go back to school on Wednesday as a high school Junior, so after that, who knows what else I will have in terms of site content, since they say Junior year is the hardest for some reason. Depending on how busy I am this year, I may be working on some new projects for this site (since there are multiple ones that I have been thinking about), or just one special one.

Right Menu Updated
I have updated the “Upcoming Dates and Events” section in the right menu with new TCG dates. The “TV Show” schedule for both the WB and Cartoon Network have also both been updated, as both networks changed the times for when they air Pokemon. The polls and “Next New Episodes” section were also updated as well. Yep, the whole right menu was updated, and I wouldn’t be telling you this if there wasn’t such a drought in updates, but I need some fillers here!