Last day of summer for me. Now I have to go to bed at 2 AM instead of 6 AM. :p

Lucario/Rukario’s English Name
LucarioWe have some exclusive news today! An insider source, a very trustworthy one who has never been wrong before in telling me things, has informed me that the blue jackal looking thing to your right will be named Lucario when it comes to America. This is the second insider source to have told me this information, so it has to be true. Now you can all stop calling it “Rukario.” As some people stated when we first learned Lucario’s Japanese name (which people romanized to Rukario and Lucario), the name should be Lucario, since when spelling its name backwards, you get “Oiracul,” which sounds like “oracle.” Funny how that’s the thing Lucario is trapped inside of in Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero. So, it just made sense to name it that, due to what it sounds like when spelled backwards. Also, a Japanese Pokemon Center t-shirt a while back officially romanized Lucario as Lucario, and since legendary Pokemon almost always keep the same Japanese names (if he is one, which is likely), it just makes even more sense to name it Lucario over here. So yep.

Also, while reading my summer reading book named “The Poisonwood Bible,” I came across this passage that made me jump (yes, I got out of my chair and jumped!): “Manene is the word for path: Manene enenam, amen. On the Congo’s one long manene Ada learns to walk, amen.”

Okay, so the above passage probably makes absolutely no sense to you if you haven’t read the book, but we get a clear definition of “manene,” which is a word from the Congolese language that means path. Could Mime Jr. (Manene) have something to do with paths? I have no idea, but I am extremely bored right now as you can tell, so I just wanted to share my 550 page, read it in 2 days because you procrastinate too much, book experience with you, since it had the name of a D/P Japanese Pokemon name in it. :p