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I am now in school, and they are giving me a TON (yes, 2000 pounds) of homework. My BRAND NEW Quicksilver backpack ripped wide open when I was walking to the car today, full of books, right smack in the middle of the street. XD That’s just an idea of how busy I am right now. I was planning on doing some more of the older set scans, but it looks like that will have to be put off until Christmas vacation.

New Researching Tower of Horon Info
We have some new and exclusive info on the Japanese Researching Tower of Horon set! What a drought it has been for this set – finally some new news! The Researching Tower of Horon will include Metagross *, Kyogre *, and Groudon *. Thus, that Metagross * I posted earlier from Worlds (scroll down to Aug. 22) is in fact artwork for this set, and the other Pokemon could be as well. We will have the latest info for this set as it comes, and you can find all information we know about it on our [Researching Tower of Horon] page, which you can access in the future from the left menu under “Japanese TCG Sets.”

New Gift Box in Japan
Vincent has informed me that Japan will be coming out with yet another Lucario / Mew themed gift box. This time, however, he tells me that the Pokemon might not have owners in their names, though this is not yet confirmed. [insert standard more info soon line]

Tomorrow, we will have up a new Ken Sugimori trainer art gallery!

My laptop is in four pieces. I am using my mom’s computer right now, but won’t be able to do any content updates until my laptop is fixed. So, yeah.