Pokemon news sure is dry lately…

New Forums!
Yesterday, I installed brand new forums for PokeBeach! Be sure to sign up now if you wish to, as in the future, members on the forums might be getting sneak peeks at sets before they are posted here or anywhere else! As the forums grow, I will be assigning moderators to each forum, and choosing a moderator will be determined by how often a person posts and how responsible they are. So, if you want to sign up, you can [click here]. You can post about the TCG, Anime, and video games, so there is something for everyone who likes Pokemon! Happy posting!

EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua Scans Finished!
Wow, this was the fastest set I have ever edited, as I finished it in only 11 hours! Guess that makes up for the time it took the other day with Emerald taking so long to finish. Anyways, you can view the scans and card list by [clicking here]. Thanks go to Shakespeare, who sent me all of the scans to edit. If you find any sort of errors in the scans or card page, be sure to post in the forums or news commenting system so that the corrections can be made. EX Dragon scans will be coming within the next few days…

New Featured Article – Medicham ex
SuperWooper has yet again done another article! This time he writes about the Nationals winning deck, Medicham ex! To read his article, which discusses how the deck runs and what it should look like, you can visit our [Featured Articles] section.

Vacation’s where I want to be..whatevertherestofthesongis..
I will be going on vacation starting Friday, and will come home the following Sunday (Aug. 5th to Aug. 14th, I think…). So, there probably will not be many updates. I just found out today that I might not even be able to get an internet connection over there, so if worst comes to worst in terms of getting up those EX Unseen Forces scans, I will try to find a library in the area to download them from people who will send them to me, then edit them on my laptop, then upload them at the library. If not, I could find a Radio Shack or something, since they usually have internet inside. :)